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Rtn. Sunil Telkar – IFMR International Secretary (2019-22)

Welcome to Our Site!

 IFMR is the short form of International fellowship of Motorcycling  Rotarians. World over there are 17 countries and about  2500  Rotarians sharing this hobby of adventurism. India Chapter was the 14 to join in the International group.
The first ride of IFMR was made in November 2002 with a ride to Ramanagaram and Kolar. It was inaugurated officially with the permission of RI at the conference of District Governor Bhansali in 2003. The International service segment was packed at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.  We were 45 members to start with. Rtn. Devesh Agarwal’s motorcycle was brought up on the dais and kick (self) started !!  This was much to the surprise and amusement of all Rotarians of the District.  IFMR was officially inaugurated.
Since then, IFMR has been meeting regularly on I Sunday of every month and in case of an ICGF, we meet the II Sunday; go out for breakfast and be back by 11 am.  We have AGM’s in the month of April and next batch of people are selected to lead the team.
In the centennial year we did a ride of ‘peace ride’ and traveled to Karnataka and Andhra.  The ride started off at Cubbon park in front of Chamaraja  Wodeyar statue, by the then District Governor Rtn. S.R.Yogananda.
To place on record the member’s who started and steered the IFMR into success story, are;
 Presidents who served IFMR :–
  • IFMR Charter India President (2003-08)         PDG. Rtn. Dr. Prithvi Raval
  • IFMR Charter District President (2003-08)               Rtn. Zarryl Lobo
  • IFMR India President (2008-10)                                    Rtn. Ramdas Pai
  • IFMR India President ( 2010-12)                                   Rtn. Sathyakanth
  • IFMR India President (2012 -14)                                   Rtn. Srinivas Babu
  • IFMR India President (2014-15)                                    Rtn. Sukumar Radha
  • IFMR India President (2015-16)                                    Rtn.Nagesh Sidhanti
  • IFMR India President (2016-18)                                    Rtn. Ganesh Swaminathan
  • IFMR India President (2018-19)                                   Rtn. Sunil Telkar
  • IFMR India President (2019 -20)                                  Rtn. B.S. Jayaprakash
  • IFMR India President (2020-21)                 Rtn. Prashanth Babu
  • IFMR World President (2009-12)                                 PDG. Rtn. Dr. Prithvi Raval
 Running into the 19 year now, IFMR in its International rides and other sources collected a surplus money. We have so far donated the surplus money to The Rotary Foundation. (TRF)  We are pleased that we are a III level Major Donors to the TRF, contributing US $ 50,000/-.
Over the years, IFMR India has conducted 3 International rides. Rotarians from Germany, Belgium, Swiss, Poland, Australia, and USA have participated and we look forward to more rides and and they listed below:-
International Rides:
 2010       Bangalore to Bangalore  1800 Kms                             
                Madikere, Goa Dandelli Chikmanglur circuit –        13  participants
 2016       Goa to Goa  1187 Kms
                Anjuna, Gokarna, Dandelli, Hampi, Hubli, Goa  –     11 participants
 2018       Chandigarh to Leh via Nubra Valley 1475 Kms.
                Chandigarh, Manali, Keylong, Sarchuu, Leh Ladakh, Pangong  Nubra Valley, Leh.
                                                                                                                    16 participants
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  • There are no motorcycle parked In front of a Psychiatrist’s Office
  • Sometimes the best communication happens when you’re on separate bikes.

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